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November 2011 – Current

May/June 2024: Pastor’s Letter: New Life and New Seasons of Life; Lectionary Readings, Lenten Numismatics, Easter Celebration

March/April 2024: Pastor’s Letter: Join Us on Wednesdays, Lectionary Readings, Easter Egg Hunt, District Visit, Soup & Salad Photos, Baby Shower

February 2024: Pastor’s Letter: The Gift of Time, Lectionary Readings, Open House, Advent Potluck, Movie Night, Ice Skating, Women’s Bible Study Fellowship, Lenten Soup & Salad

November 2023 – January 2024: Pastor’s Letter: Immanuel, God with Us, Lectionary Readings, Summer BBQ, Looking Forward to Messiah at 100, Reformation Day, Architecture Tour of Princeton University, Women’s Fellowship Group

September/October 2023: Pastor’s Letter: On to 100!, Lectionary Readings, Messiah Future Fund, Holy Cross and Reformation Days, Summer BBQ, Food Drive

July/August 2023: Pastor’s Letter: One in Christ, Lectionary Readings, Ascension / Compassion Sunday, Pentecost, Baptism, New Members, Graduations, Farewells, Trinity Sunday, 75th Anniversary Lunch

May/June 2023: Pastor’s Letter: Celebrating Resurrection, Lectionary Readings, Out and About, Baptism and Baby Shower, Easter Sunday, Calendar, Spring Work Day

March/April 2023: Pastor’s Letter: New Bulletin Covers and Lectionary Readings, March/April Lectionary Readings, Lenten Evening Prayer, New Members, Soup & Salad, Easter Egg Hunt

February 2023:  Pastor’s Letter:  In Between and Beginning Anew, A Breakfast Epiphany, Epiphany Potluck, Decorating for Christmas, Looking forward to Lenten Soup and Salad Suppers

Dec 2022 / Jan 2023:  Pastor’s Letter:  Messiah at 75; Fall BBQ and Scavenger Hunt, Messiah’s New Kitchen, Anniversary Organ Concert and Hymnsing, Tree Planting, Pastor’s Birthday, Welcome to New Choir Director

July/August 2022:  Pastor’s Letter:  Summertime News, Farewell to/from the Boedeckers, 75th Anniversary Update, Summer Calendar

May/June 2022:  Pastor’s Letter:  Christ is Risen;  75th Anniversary Projects, Visit of Finnish Bishop Juhana Pohjola, Sunday School Is Back

March/April 2022:  Pastor’s Letter:  Transfiguration, Lent, and Easter

February 2022:  Pastor’s Letter:  Happy 75th Birthday to Messiah, Anniversary Events and Projects, Reformation Lecture, Bible Math

September/October 2021– Pastor’s Letter: Back to Basics, Church BBQ, Upcoming Events and Sunday Scripture Readings

July/August 2021– Pastor’s Letter: On Our Way Rejoicing, A Note From Yele, Community Book Group, Sheep Shearing & Herding at Howell Farm, Kayaking Trip in the Meadowlands, Messiah’s Cicadas

May/June 2021– Pastor’s Letter: Christ is Risen, An Encouraging Word About Post-Vaccination Cases of Covid, Adult Forum, Community Book Group, Community Events, May Voter’s Meeting, Tax News, Real ID,

March/April 2021– Pastor’s Letter: Missions Medical and Spiritual,  Lenten Evening Prayer, Adult Forum, Community Book Group, Covid Vaccine Information

February 2021– Pastor’s Letter: Light at the End of the Tunnel, Ash Wednesday and Lenten Evening Prayer, Covid Vaccine Information, Antti and Vanessa’s Wedding, Jesse Trees, New Members and Attendees

November 2020-January 2021– Pastor’s Letter: Be still and know that I am God, Celebrating Advent, Adult Forum, Community Book Group, Community Announcements, Outdoor Worship, Picnic, Scavenger Hunt

September/October 2020– Pastor’s Letter: Steadfast and Adaptable, Adult Forum, Farewell Tabris Family, Outdoor Worship, Wedding Photos

July/August 2020– Pastor’s Letter: Interesting Times, Community Book Group, Adult Forum, Quarantine Hair, Messiah’s Lockdown Lyrics, Picking Cherries at Terhune Orchards

May/June 2020– Pastor’s Letter: An Epidemic at Easter, Community Updates, Farewell from the Hartls, March Ice Skating Memories

March/April 2020– Pastor’s Letter: What’s the Good of Being Christian?, Lenten Soup and Salad Suppers & Worship Services, LCM Table Talks, Community Book Groups, Messiah Goes Ice Skating, Welcome New Members, Community News

February 2020– Pastor’s Letter: Midwinter Joy, Lenten Worship Services, Lenten Soup and Salad Suppers, February Fellowship Events, Neighborhood Announcements, Fall Work Day, Advent Events 2019, Christmas & Epiphany

November 2019-January 2020 – Pastor’s Letter: Giving Thanks in All Circumstances, Monthly Book Group, Neighborhood Announcements, Installation of Rev. Thiagarajan, ISI Garage Give-Away, Summer BBQ, Baptism of Carter Zak, Reformation Service at Holy Trinity, Thank you to our Sunday School Teachers

September/October 2019 – Pastor’s Letter: Why the Lectionary?, Summer Book Group, Funeral Service for Martha Peck, Recognition of Julia Majsztik’s baptism, Visit from Samul Rausch, ISI Garage Give-Away, Sunday Christian Education & Table Talks Schedule

July/August 2019 – Pastor’s Letter: Welcoming and Faithful, Summer Book Group, Office Assistant Update, Princeton University Architectural Tour, Karen Hartl’s Art Show, Farewell to Martha Peck, Graduation Announcements, St. Peter Lutheran Church VBS

May/June 2019 – Pastor’s Letter: We Are God’s Gifts, Summer Book Group, Adult Forum, Wheelchair Lift Update, Princeton Architecture Tour, Congregational Voter’s Meeting, Baptism of Julia Majsztrik, Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday

March/April 2019 – Pastor’s Letter: Truth and Hope, Lenten Services, Soup & Salad Suppers, Trenton Thunder Game, LCM Table Talks, Adult Forum, Call for Candidates for the Executive Board

February 2019 – Pastor’s Letter: It’s Good to See You, Lenten Services, Soup & Salad Suppers, Advent 2018, Prayer Shawl Group Update, Upcoming Events: “On the Road Again with Jesus: Challenges of Being a Christian in the 21st Century” & “The Reformation Event You Never Knew Existed”

November 2018 – January 2019 – Pastor’s Letter: Jesus’ Disciples Defend Human Dignity, Messiah Movie Group, Operation Christmas Child, Church BBQ Fellowship Event, New Member Reception & Blessing of Sunday School Teachers, Sunday School Update

September/October 2018 – Pastor’s Letter: Cherishing the Ordinary, Farewell to Mike & Debbie Zak, Baptism of Camilla Anne Ricco, Messiah Movie Group, Join the Choir, Christian Education Classes and Table Talks Resume, International Student Garage Give-Away

August 2018 – Pastor’s Letter: A Tense Life, Daily Bible Reading Guide, Announcements, International Student Garage Give-Away

May/ June 2018 – Pastor’s Letter: A Way of Seeing, Messiah’s Mantles Update, Easter Sunday, Easter Egg/Sunday School Update

March/April 2018 – Pastor’s Letter: Why Go to Church?, Lenten Worship Services, Door Dedication Sunday

February 2018 – Pastor’s Letter: Encouragement, Glorious Encouragement, Lent, Sunday School Update, Travel Opportunity: Celtic Missions to Anglo-Saxon Britain

November 2017 – January 2018– Pastor’s Letter: Anxiety and Thanksgiving, Travel Opportunity: Celtic Missions to Anglo-Saxon Britain, Church BBQ, Wine Tasting Fellowship Event

September/October 2017– Pastor’s Letters: Reformation is (still) in the air! and Bricks and Mortar, Travel Opportunity: Celtic Missions to Anglo-Saxon Britain, Grounds for Sculpture, Christian Education classes and Table Talks resume, Men’s Fellowship, ISI Garage Give-Away, Celebrating the Reformation 500 years later

July/August 2017- Pastor’s Letter: Thanks be to God!, Travel Opportunity: Celtic Missions to Anglo-Saxon Britain, Pentecost Sunday, Trenton Thunder Game, Sunday School Update

May/June 2017 – Pastor’s Letter: Christ is Risen!, Lutherans in Diaspora Conference, Lenten Soup and Salad Suppers, Spring Work Day, Sunday School Lessons for Lent and Easter Egg Hunt

March/April 2017 – Pastor’s Letter: Think on These Things, Sunday School Happenings and Christmas Program, Student Spotlight: Christopher Peters 

February 2017 – Pastor’s Letter: On the Pleasure of Not Having Smallpox, Student Spotlight: Kyle Sorkness, Fall Workday, Travel Opportunity: Celtic Missions to Anglo-Saxon Britain

November 2016/January 2017 Pastor’s Letter: Get Ready!, Installation of Sunday School Teachers, Student Spotlight: Stewart Stroebel

September/October 2016 – Pastor’s Letter: We’re Back!, Return of Sunday School, Church BBQ, Trenton Thunder Game, New Facebook Page

May/June 2016 – Pastor’s Letter: the Holy Catholic Church, The Communion of Saints Part II, Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday School Studies New Testament, Church Work Day

March/April 2016 – Pastor’s Letter: Easier Said Than Done, Upcoming LLL Men’s Retreat, Sunday School Plans, Caring Card Committee Opportunities, Messiah’s mantles, Men’s Forum Update, Money Matters

February 2016 – Pastor’s Letter: The Holy Catholic Church, The Communion of Saints, Sanctuary Renovation, Messiah’s Mantles, Potluck and Christmas Carols, Trenton Rally for Life, Snowy Sunday

November/December 2015, January 2016 – Pastor’s Letter: Autumn and Anger, Rescue Mission Clothing Drive, Sunday School Stories, Operation Christmas Child, Men’s Forum Update

September/October 2015 – Pastor’s Letter: Unexpected Gifts, Sunday School Starts Up, Congratulations Pastor Goerss, Invitation to Men’s Fellowship, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Church BBQ

July/August 2015 – Pastor’s Letter: Eine Kleine District Convention Report, Sunday School Ends the Year, confirmation/New Members, Baseball Game, Doris and Nadine’s Travels

May/June 2015 – Pastor’s Letter: Ascension Then and Now, Spring Work Day, Hlafter Anniversary, Easter Egg Hunt, Sunday School Update

March/April 2015 – Pastor’s Letter: Aroma, Amphorae and, Ambassadors, Prayer Shawl Ministry, Reception of new members, Always a Bridesmaid

February 2015 – Pastor’s Letter: Repentance–It’s a Way of Life, Remembering Pastor Kriefall, Sunday School Students Go for the Gold

November/December 2014 – Pastor’s Letter: Free from Fear, Victorian Architecture of Princeton University, Potluck Photos, Farewell to Ruth Carlough

September/October 2014 – Pastor’s Letter: Peach Season, Island Beach State Park Picnic, I.S.I. Garage Give-Away, Farewell to Earl Whitcraft

July/August 2014 – Pastor’s Letter: Good Stewardship Lasts More Than a Lifetime, Welcome New Members, Baby Shower, Funeral Planning Worksheet

May/June 2014 – Pastor’s Letter: A Pattern for Worship, Christian Seder, Easter, Clean-up Day and Communiversity

March/April 2014 –  Pastor’s Letter: Disciplines of Lent, Ice Skating, Lenten Soup and Salad Suppers

February 2014 – Pastor’s Letter: Partners in Mission, Christmas, Alan Gishlick Slide Show

November/December 2013 – Pastor’s Letter: Giving Thanks in a Fallen World, Thanksgiving, All Saints

September/October 2013 – Pastor’s Letter: My Will and Thy Will, Mark Yunque Wedding, Craft ministry luncheon

July/August 2013 – Pastor’s Letter: Time for Refreshment, Father’s Day, Beatrice Rose Tabris baptized, Farewell to the Meyer family, Prayer Shawl Ministry updates

May/June 2013 – Pastor’s Letter: Hospitality and Faithfulness, Easter, Communiversity and Architectural walking tour of Princeton University

March/April 2013 – Pastor’s Letter: On Trees and Their Fruit, new Members, Maundy Thursday Christian Seder Dinner

February 2013 – Pastor’s Letter: Now A Green Blade Rises, Lenten Worship Schedule, Soup and Salad, New Chasubles, Christmas Decorating and December Clean-up Day

November/December 2012 – Pastor’s Letter: Marking Time, Hurricane Sandy, Miranda Hempel Marriage Celebration

September/October 2012 – Pastor’s Letter: Preventive Maintenance, Christian education begins at 9 and worship returns to 10:30 a.m.

July/August 2012 – Pastor’s Letter: Yard Sale and Mother’s Day photos, Emily Harmon Graduates, Gardening Committee update

May/June 2012 – Pastor’s Letter: Easter and Communiversity pictures, Miranda Hempel baptism, Blast from the Past

March/April 2012 – Pastor’s Letter: Mardi Gras Potluck pictures, Hank and Doris Gerwers 25th Wedding Anniversary, Janice Hofrieter is a proud grandmother, Blast from the Past

February 2012 – Pastor’s Letter: Lenten Soup and Salad Schedule, Nove 30, 1950 Packet describes Lutherans planning to build a new church at the corner of Nassau and Cedar Lane and a quiz question about the article, upcoming Lectionary, The Mardi-Gras Potluck Dinner, 2/18/12

November 2011 – Messiah Church welcomed its new Pastor, Martin K. Erhardt, on September 24, 2011- the newsletter has many pictures of the event and its participants, there is a note from our new Pastor, information about Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas Services, Information about Princeton Pro Musica and their presentation of Handel’s Messiah. There is a great photo from our first service in 1952. Fall Potluck Supper. Pictures from Nadine and Sam Ricco’s Wedding, pictures from Emmett Meyer’s Baptism, details from the Prayer Shawl Ministry with pictures