Men’s Forum

Messiah’s Men’s Forum

These monthly meetings seek to enrich men’s spiritual walks and develop deeper relationships with each other.  We have up to ten “regular” members but this is an “open” group so newcomers are always welcome. Our meetings are presently held at Wegman’s or McCaffrey’s in Princeton. At Wegman’s we meet at the rear of the new cafe. Discussion topics include Pastor Martin’s sermons or other biblical subjects. We start promptly at 9 a.m. so we can formally end at 10 a.m. Members, however, are free to stay as long as they like. We typically meet the last Saturday of the month, unless it is a holiday.

Here is our meeting format:

  • Open in prayer to dedicate our time to the Lord and welcome Him into our group.
  • 10 min. to check-in so each has a time to share concerns and experiences.
  • 10 min. for a leader (this is lay-led) to introduce the topic for the day.
  • 35 min. for open, non-judgmental discussion about the subject or where it leads. This is not however a “bull session”. We agree to confidentiality so men can discuss freely.
  • 5 min. to critique our time together then someone offers a closing prayer.

There are bagels, etc. downstairs for refreshments but we ask participants to be upstairs and ready to start at 9 a.m. to practice good stewardship of time. We meet in a public place with Bibles as a silent witness for our Lord.

For more information, there is a flyer on the back pew at Messiah’s church or you may contact Steve Bauman, Forum Coordinator, at or 609 664 2371. God bless you and let your light shine!